Tom and Joan have chosen the Ahern Family Charitable Foundation to receive the net proceeds from their book. The Foundation believes that if we, as a society, are willing to send our young men and women off to war, then we should do everything in our power to assist them when they come home. The AFCF is a registered 501(c)(3) charity, IRS Tax ID #06-1661229. There are no administrative costs associated with the Foundation. They support organizations across the country, click here for a listing.

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With humility, honesty, and humor, Tom and Joan tell us what ignited their passion for service, shaped their foundations of faith and how their shared values ultimately led them to one another. (more…)

Charlie Baker Governor, of Massachusetts

This book exemplifies what true courage is, on… and off the battlefield. Tom and Joan have lived truly inspirational lives. Their overwhelming dedication, generosity of spirit and celebration of love, is a guide for us all to live by.

John Krasinski Actor and Filmmaker


FOREWORD by, Judy Woodruff, an American television news anchor, a journalist, and a writer

I met Tom and Joan Kelley at a Congressional Medal of Honor Society dinner in New York a few years ago. They are the kind of people you like instantly, friendly, outgoing and easy to laugh: Tom, the celebrated recipient of that Congressional Medal, and Joan, his bright, engaging partner. I knew there had to be more to his story than the paragraph in the dinner program, but it was only when they later sent me a galley copy of the book they’d written together that I began to appreciate who they are and what they represent.
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About the Authors

Tom and Joan Kelley are two proud Bostonians whose love for their country is as powerful as their love for each other. They have written with honesty, humility, and humor about growing up in Boston, sharing their teen pranks, moments of self-doubt, challenges, and hurdles. Although they didn’t meet until later in life, they traveled on parallel paths and their characters were cast in the same crucible of Navy service.

When not watching sports—not only the now world famous Patriots—but also the Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins, Tom spends his time helping his fellow Medal of Honor recipients as past President of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. He cooks for a local food pantry and helps run a veterans’ ministry at his church. When not walking with her women Shwalker friends (that’s short for shoppers-walkers,) Joan enjoys British mystery shows, reading chick literature and trying to keep the Stanley cup separate from the Heisman Trophy and the Ryder Cup.

They enjoy visiting their children in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and California and try to spend some time each summer in Northeast Harbor, Maine.

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Tom Kelley

~A tribute to Tom Kelley~

Joan Kelley

Joan Kelley is a recovering attorney, retired Navy veteran, and screenwriter who co-published a joint military memoir, “The Siren’s Call and Second Chances” with her husband in 2016,(Amazon, Createspace).

She was a consultant on NETFLIX’s recently released docu-series,“Medal of Honor.” It was on location at a movie ranch north of LA that she was bitten by the film bug. The prognosis was good and treatment involved securing a screenwriting certificate
from Emerson College resulting in three screenplays of which “Liza Herself” is one and which won a Grand Prize 2018 in the Rhode Island International Screenplay Competition.

She’s married to Navy veteran and Medal of Honor recipient, Tom Kelley.


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